Ditto to the Iron Priest on Thunderwolf

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moncler outlet online I created an account named /u/publicmodlogs and it was added as a moderator to /r/Morrowind with only the “access” permission (edit: requires NO permissions), so all that the account can do is view the mod logs, ban list, and approved submitters list. Then, while logged into that account, I navigate to the moderation logs page moncler outlet sale for the subreddit, click the icon for the RSS feed that my web browser (firefox) provides me, and then publish the url for that feed here.The reason we use a separate account for this instead of our own is that the url contains a string of letters and numbers that is unique to that specific account, and can moncler click here to find out more jackets outlet be used to view other private information about it, like its mail inbox. If the account were given greater permissions on the subreddit as a moderator, it could also be used to view things like mod mail, spam filtered items, etc. moncler outlet online

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cheap moncler jackets Yes, the original system was terrible and extremely tone deaf to the point it was obvious the development team had no influence over it because of how comically bad and imbalanced the time vs money ratio was. It shouldn have happened from the start.Second, the popularity of a game specific subreddit doesn mean much unless it is extremely high. Are you a part of a subreddit for every single game you play?And third, there are actually many Star Wars Battlefront subreddits cheap moncler jackets.